【Contact Lens Display】JRC2-1009

Contact Lens Display - JRC2-1009-1 Contact Lens Display - JRC2-1009-2 Contact Lens Display - JRC2-1009-3 Contact Lens Display - JRC2-1009-4 Contact Lens Display - JRC2-1009-5


Display Size: 27(W) x 26.5(D) x 23(H) in CM


Display Brief

Acrylic box for brand contact lenses. Divided inside style for request size/color for every drawer. The front board of drawers were pasted offset advertisement paper then were covered acrylic sheet, left & right sides were pasted PVC film.

The COPYRIGHT of this display design is from our customer, we are the professional OEM/ODM manufacturer to show up the quality and value from graphic design.


Set up area:Opticians Store



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