【Cigarette Display(Propeller)】JRC1-1015

Cigarette Display(Propeller) - JRC1-1015-1 Cigarette Display(Propeller) - JRC1-1015-2 Cigarette Display(Propeller) - JRC1-1015-3 Cigarette Display(Propeller) - JRC1-1015-4


Display Size:20(W) x 27(D) x 16(H) in CM

Material: Acrylic

Display Brief

Delicate cigarette display. Iron frame with slot design at single side. Insert the acrylic propellers(can be taken) to make sure the selling items at the forefront automatically.

The COPYRIGHT of this display design is from our customer, we are the professional OEM manufacturer to show up the quality and value from graphic design.


Set up area: Convenience store chain . Supermarket chain . Duty-free stores


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