【Acrylic Fixture】JRO1-11001

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Item Size:25.5(L) x 16.5(W) x 2.3(Thickness) in CM

Material:Acrylic . Iron(Magnet & Pin)

Display Brief

Acrylic fixture. Customized design by CNC Engraving / Laser cutting for the requested areas, main body in 2cm thickness acrylic board included the holder along with the magnets & pins in order to hold another 0.3cm acrylic sheet.

The COPYRIGHT of this product design is from our customer, we are the professional OEM manufacturer to show up the quality and value from graphic design.


Set up area:Testing appliance . Equipment


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【Acrylic Fixture】JRO1-11001 【Acrylic Fixture】JRO1-11001 【Acrylic Fixture】JRO1-11001